Lassen-Plumas Local Meats and Produce

Avalanche Ranch, Indian Valley

Our friends at Avalanche Ranch in Indian Valley passed along this link to the Northeastern California 2010 Food and Agriculture Guide (left sidebar, produced by Plumas Rural Services).  This brochure contains a map of farms and ranches in Indian, Sierra, American, and Honey Lake Valleys that sell direct to customers, at local Farmer’s Markets, or to local stores.  I will post this link on the resources page as well — access to fresh, local meats and produce is a valuable resource indeed!

Over the past few years we have purchased and enjoyed pasture-raised Thanksgiving turkeys, heirloom chickens and goat from Avalanche Ranch and grass-fed organic beef from DeFanti Ranch.  Premium meats can command premium prices, but going in on whole animals with friends and stocking the freezer reduces cost considerably.  Plus, by purchasing the whole animal we have the opportunity to move beyond steaks and chops and become acquainted with more obscure cuts of meat (Chateaubriand? Goat loin?)

Looking at this brochure, I am excited to see just how many choices we have in our area.  Good food, support for local economies, no middleman.  Locavores rejoice!

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