Spreading Her Wings

Our first ‘summer’ weekend. Miss M. stayed in full fairy regalia for three days, leaping and twirling her way into the season.  She was desperate to fly and here she is hoping that a running start will give her lift-off.  We discussed birds and hollow bones and how the weight of her one body equals that of 150 robins.

M. spread her wings in so many ways this weekend.  She is seeking the limits of her toddler limbs, treading that fine line between courage and folly.  M. balanced upon then walked the rim our our raised beds.  Mastered the crossing of the stile.  Made slides out of bags of topsoil.  Swung a little higher in the hammock.  Turned somersaults in the grass.

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One response to “Spreading Her Wings

  1. peggy fulder

    Is it time to read her “Peter Pan?”

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