Solstice Eve

A moment to pause on Solstice Eve.  Babes asleep.  Twilight encroaching.  A rare moment to reflect instead of merely react.  Life is . . . full.  As full as the days are long.  Full in the very best and the very worst sense of the word.  Full of spontaneous twirling, belly laughs, toddler non sequiters, story times, shared awe at our growing girls.  And A.’s magical debut into the wide world of words (first phrase, sadly, was “Sister Hurt,” meaning, “Help me.  I have been egregiously wronged by my older sibling.”)  Life is full, also, of harried schedules, rushed breakfasts, that feeling of having a million irons in the fire with not enough time or focus to make progress on any one endeavor.  Solstice wishes for a summer ripe with pauses.


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2 responses to “Solstice Eve

  1. Krista

    Being full is a beautiful thing… I hope you enjoy every minute of it…and find some pauses to appreciate how bountiful it is! 😉 Happy Summer’s Solstice Eve, and Happy Birthday’s Eve’s Eve’s Eve!


  2. peggy fulder

    Deep Breaths. Slowing down is hard when you are so busy! Don’t should on yourself and do whatever you can to keep things moving forward as simply as possible. We love you and do not judge you.

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