Mourning Dove Nest

DSCN1976As I was walking outside the other day, I found a pearly white eggshell laying on the pine needles about twenty feet from our house. This prompted a look up into the canopy of pines, where I caught a glimpse of a small nest set in the axil between a stout branch and the trunk of a pine.  I snagged binoculars and a better vantage point, and saw a large, round black eye staring back at me.  The mourning doves are nesting!  The nest looks flimsy and small for such a large bird.  From what I’ve read, it is the male that sits on the nest during the day, while the female takes over at night.  Is February early?  I’m not sure, but in this exceptionally balmy winter, this mourning dove pair is making a go of it.

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    Hmmm, so what do you think happened to this “lost chance”? An intruder? Too flimsy a nest? Poppa got hungry? Infanticide like with fetuses of the “wrong” gender?? (a current book club read led me down this horrible train of thought…) Yikers. Sure got me speculating, Miss K.

    your ruminating neighbor,


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