Sierra-Cascade Natural History Resources

Wildflower Websites:

  • CalFlora: search for any California plant by its latin or common name.  Links to photos, information on distribution across the state.
  • California Native Plant Society: information on rare plants, educational resources, books native plant gardening
  • Celebrating Wildflowers: U.S. Forest Service educational resources, viewing areas, plant profiles
  • Jepson eFlora: this is the online version of the Jepson Manual, and will be continuously updated to reflect current taxonomy
  • “Jim’s Place”: gorgeous photographs of the plants and invertebrates of the Mountain Meadows Basin

Sierra-Cascade Field Guides:

  • The Jepson Manual: The long-awaited second edition of the Jepson Manual is now available!  This is the penultimate reference guide to the California flora (at roughly 5,000 species, this is no small feat!)  Many detailed line drawings, and now reflects updated taxonomy.
  • Selected Plants of Northern California and Adjacent Nevada (by Vern Oswald): This accompanies me everywhere.  A redacted and highly portable version of the Jepson Manual that includes only plant species found in the Cascades, Modoc Plateau, western Great Basin, Trinity-Klamath region, and northern Sierras.  Dichotomous key, no pictures.
  • Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast (Pojar and Mackinnon): I love this series from Lone Pine for its carefully selected color photos and narrative on ethnobotany and etymology.  We’re a little out of range for this guide, but many of our Cascade species are included.  This is the book I began identifying flowers with ten years ago — flipping through the photos until I saw a plant that resembled mine.

Local Land Conservation

Limnanthes douglasii, a vernal pool species.

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