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Pine Cone Bird Feeder

IMG_2673The other weekend we made bird feeders to hang in our yard using pine cones, peanut butter and bird seed.  This was a fun project for the girls, who could dab on the peanut butter and roll on the bird seed themselves.  We hung them all around the yard, on aspen and pine trees.  It took awhile for the birds to find them, but we’ve occasionally caught glimpses of Stellar’s jays and nuthatches on the feeders.

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Striped Skunk Spotted

Last Monday, I groggily said my goodbyes to Papa as he left for work.  He opened the door and stepped out into the pre-dawn dark.  A few moments later he leapt back inside and slammed the door.

“There was a cat by the porch,” he said.  ” A black cat, like Midnight [a neighborhood cat and frequent visitor].”

“I said, ‘Good morning Kitty.’ It responded with a strange hiss and I saw that it had a big white stripe down its back!”

Yes, this was a close encounter with crepuscular fauna oft smelled but rarely seen.  A striped skunk.  We peered from the doorway as this little skunk moseyed over a few feet and paused to examine some peanut shells.  We tried to quietly shoo it.  Annoyed, it flipped around and raised its tail.  We decided to let it take its own sweet time.  Finally it ambled off into the dark, and Papa attained his truck without further incident.

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